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Lithuania’s Permanent Representative presents letters of credence to UN Secretary-General


On 18 August, Lithuania’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Audra Plepytė presented her letters of credence to the UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

After the ceremony, the officials discussed the important role of the United Nations in addressing the main global challenges: regional conflicts, management of illegal migration, as well as ensuring the respect for human rights.

“Lithuania will remain an active and constructive member of the United Nations, seeking solutions to global problems. We support your personal efforts to strengthen the United Nations in order to respond effectively and in a timely manner to the complex challenges of today’s world,” said the Ambassador.

The Ambassador also drew the Secretary-General’s attention to the changing security situation in the world. Plepytė laid special emphasis on threats to the international order that is based on international law and rules, and highlighted the worrying processes that were also taking place in Europe. Lithuania’s Permanent Representative noted that  Lithuania’s priority included the goals of achieving progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment, expressing a desire to cooperate with the Secretary-General in the area. The officials also discussed preparations for the coming 72nd session of the UN General Assembly. The session will convene in September.

The Secretary-General thanked Lithuania for its active role during the period of its membership of the UN Security Council in 2015-2016. Guterres also emphasized the importance of the role of small and medium-sized countries in achieving goals set by the United Nations.



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