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The President outlined the priorities of Lithuania's Ambassadors

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite participated in the annual meeting of ambassadors of Lithuania, which outlined the main challenges in foreign countries residing in Lithuanian diplomats.

In a complex geopolitical situation, Lithuania secured a reliable defense guarantees and strong support for the Allies. However, According to the President, Lithuania and the whole of Europe in the face of growing by increased propaganda, cyber attacks, national security has become increasingly important and the role of diplomats. Open dialogue with allies and partners, the ability to clearly identify the challenges we face security and defense needs of important both in preparation for the upcoming NATO summit in 2018. And in order to maintain international vigilance in the face of threats.

Lithuania and the entire region is important to ensure decisions on regional Baltic air defense, constantly updated, NATO defense plans with assigned specific military capabilities, faster decision-making in the Alliance, measures to prevent a possible military isolation of the Baltic States.

The President also stressed that a united and strong international position is the most important tool in the fight against unsafe Astraviec NPP construction. It is therefore the duty of every Lithuanian diplomat - to ensure that the use of this plant are aware of the risks posed by all officials responsible for foreign and Lithuanian partners.

According to the President, Lithuania's diplomacy remains the priority of our country and citizens' rights "Brexit" process. It is necessary to prepare and upcoming negotiations on the new EU multiannual financial perspective, which is important to ensure the financing of projects with strategic importance.

The President also stressed that the country's diplomatic missions abroad have to provide not only the formal consular services, but also to strengthen the Lithuanian people in touch with the homeland. About 40 per cent. Lithuanian living abroad are interested in returning home. They must be specific and sincere diplomatic support. Our diplomats must also be available to all of the world Lithuanians, regardless of where they live. It is therefore necessary targeted use of available resources and to increase the accessibility of consular services in cyberspace.

State Lithuania meets century as an advanced, dynamic and open to the world state. The first of the Baltic countries have become the world's largest education institution CERN members settled in the region and as a life sciences center. Lithuania made medical products are exported to more than 100 countries around the world, and the life sciences sector is likely to grow in the EU - 20 percent. every year. 2018 Lithuania developed the largest and most important region of Life Sciences Conference on Life Sciences Baltics ", in which the President has called for greater invite foreign scientists and entrepreneurs. According to the President, the task of diplomats - strengthen Lithuania's innovation potential in the international arena and to open up even more opportunities for our country's progress.

The challenges of globalization and in the face of growing global competition, especially important for Lithuania and quality economic diplomacy. Lithuania needs at short-term benefits, but the investment of reliable foreign partners to create high added value and does not pose a threat to national security.


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