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Lithuania - among the most advanced scientific countries

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite of Lithuania and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the contract signing ceremony.

Since Lithuania today - the world's largest science associate member institutions belonging to the most advanced scientific community in and contribute to the overarching goal to unite CERN scientists worldwide to work together. Among the Baltic countries, Lithuania was the first to become a member of this organization.

President, welcoming the special significance state event, said that the signing of the contract with CERN - Lithuanian scientists is the talent and potential of our joint efforts to promote science and innovation, recognition. This is yet another proof of how far Lithuania has made progress during the 27-year-Independence years.

According to the President, Lithuania is proud of the honorable membership and a very good understanding of all the responsibility. Cooperation with CERN - a significant impetus to the country's growth and confidence, opens our science, business, and most importantly - young people - a wide horizon.

The President thanked all those who have done a great deal to this important treaty to become a reality, and wished it to mature such science, smart business and innovation fruits that all can enjoy and be proud of.

Lithuania way to this important day began thirteen years ago, when an agreement was signed for his government's involvement in CERN carried out in high-energy particle physics experiments, but Lithuania physicists at CERN has made already a quarter century ago, showing the direction and other local researchers and universities, lasers producing companies .

And this time, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, together with the planet's most talented scientists are working in our country, physicists, engineers, information technology specialists, every year on probation teachers, teachers and students.

From now on, the representatives of Lithuania will participate in the meetings of the CERN Council, and our national companies will be able to participate in the organization of public procurement procedures.  

One of the future goals Lithuania - over five years to set up a business incubator at CERN, which is seventh in the world and attract businessmen both from Europe and from all over the world.

Membership in CERN is directly related to the membership of the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which pays special attention to innovation.

Lithuania, becoming an associate member of CERN, aims to be consistent with the direction of innovation. Last week, the European Commission published in 2017. European innovation scoreboard Lithuania from 24 seats in 2016. rose to the 16th place among the 28 European Union countries.

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