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President in Rome will participate in the EU's 60th anniversary celebrations

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite tomorrow, March 24th., Leaving a working visit to Rome, where he will attend the European Union's 60th anniversary celebration events, and will meet with Pope Francis.

The ceremony will take place on Saturday, March 25 th., 11 hrs. Lithuanian time , the Capitol Palace - the same place where 60 years ago was signed the Treaty of Rome founded the European Economic Community, and later the rise of the European Union. (Direct broadcast you can watch online on the official Italian government's website .)


A celebration of the 27 countries and the European institutions, leaders will sign the Rome Declaration, which will define a unified European vision for the future and the basic guidelines for the direction in which the Community is to continue to evolve.


According to the President, on a voluntary basis after the Second World War, formed in the Community has become a unique democracy, peace, human rights and good example. EU countries have repeatedly demonstrated that working together is possible to overcome the most difficult crises. Therefore, if there is the political will and the desire to agree, the EU will be able to innovate, to better listen to citizens and to become a stronger, better-functioning Community.


According to the President, EU membership has brought to Lithuania not only economic benefits but has become a great progress, made more transparent and the high western standards in many areas of life. During the 13 years significantly increased the country's well-being - GDP per capita now stands at 75 percent. The EU average. Membership at the beginning, this figure was only 46 percent. Even 86 percent. live country believes that EU membership is beneficial for Lithuania.


Celebration of the eve of the European leaders in the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis. (Live streaming can watch via the Internet  on Friday, March 24th., 19 hrs. Lithuanian time ).


The Holy Father is a committed European, repeatedly spreading the message of unity and solidarity, strongly defended the EU's fundamental values ​​- peace, freedom, human rights and democracy, calls for a substantial deal with the migration crisis.


The strong moral authority for millions of people in Europe last year, the head of the Catholic Church was awarded one of the highest in the world, the post-war years, the citizens of Aachen created Charlemagne Award.


Celebrating events will also be broadcasted live on the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) via satellite.

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