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Social welfare, political transparency and the protection of state property - this political season, the President's priorities

Monday, 22 August. (Vilnius). Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite offers to the parliamentary autumn session agenda to include 16 new legislative initiatives that will contribute to the social welfare of the people development, help to protect state property and land, prevent fraud, tax evasion, impunity, the State cheating and help create transparent political system in the country.........

Following the destruction of corruption, fraud and abuse of the line , the President offers tools that allow apvaginėti state and avoid responsibility for the crimes committed.

To buy sheds are not hijacked hectares of state land for private construction, the President by the Land Law amendments, which will be strictly regulated plot formation and the procedures for using them on state land.

Unjust enrichment, "black accounting" traditions and fraud charges to curb President offers significant tax unexplained income and the total tax evasion, not only VAT, introduce dissuasive penalties.

Property confiscation and criminal injuries compensation will not be able to avoid manipulation and transfer of assets to third parties as to the President initiated the amendments will provide the opportunity to seize the assets of suspects to the criminal proceedings.

The President has proposed to formalize and foreign fugitives Lithuanian citizens prosecution and thus enable law enforcement an opportunity to judge these fraudsters and criminals "in absentia" to prevent a recurrence of fleeing from justice history.

To residents feel socially secure and to create better quality life , President initiates amendments, which will create new jobs and improve their employability, as well as ensure greater protection for the most vulnerable people.

The country's competitiveness, create jobs relevant vocational training amendments to the Law , which provides for reform of vocational training in preparing the public and business specialists meeting the requirements to raise the quality of vocational training, to create transparency in school management.

The President will also propose amendments to the law that will prevent abuse of business social status of the company and thus the guise of a deduction in the disabled state.

Residents of the country for state funds to actually reach people, not cobble municipal budgets, therefore, one of the country's head of the initiatives will be designed to ensure that savings of social assistance for the money would be used primarily to reduce poverty and exclusion, it is vital to expand social services.

To achieve the objective, "Lithuania without child care homes will be provided by the amendments, which will simplify adoption . It is proposed to shorten the deadlines for adoption, which could expand the circle of persons eligible for adoption and to reduce their burden of red tape and to ensure the care and safety of adoptive children.

A more rapid development of the state is particularly important transparent political system and elections. President-initiative amendments to policy statements to the public, will help to eliminate protectionism, "švogerizmo" manifestations of the eternal tradition of directors in state institutions.

President proposes to remove existing Landa, who may be using the term do not apply to institutions under the Ministry, and start their actual rotation . Now fourteen ministries have more than 300 of its subsidiary bodies, some of their leaders do not have developed in decades.

Also, the President proposed to formalize currently immovable government agencies executives challenged if they are suspected of profile corruption or other criminal offenses.

Provided the Criminal Procedure Code amendments will not get away from justice kaitaliojančioms the names of political parties , which seek to avoid prosecution under the guise of reorganization and liquidation.

President initiates amendments, which enabled public accountability and charity funds , that they are not a cover for political corruption and hidden political advertising.

Politicians, who are from the voters concealed and failed to declare property, income, gifts or interests , the President proposes to remove from the election or from the denomination.

Also making a family still waiting for the spring session, the President of the 11 amendments and 3 to veto laws - Labor Code and its accompanying legislation, the Assisted Reproduction and the Aliens Act.


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