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Lithuania Offers Many Opportunities For Sri Lanka: Ambassador Talat-Kelpša

The Lithuanian Ambassador to Sri Lanka Laimonas Talat-Kelpša said that there were numerous opportunities for growth of trade and other links between Sri Lanka and Lithuania.

He made this observation at a discussion following the official launch of the website of the Lithuanian Consulate in Sri Lanka.

He stated that the trade volume is at 6 million Euro but it was expanding. He pointed out that the trade between Lithuania and India improved dramatically during the last four years and a similar development is likely in the trade between Sri Lanka and Lithuania.

Four new envoys present credentials to the President

Ambassadors of Mongolia, Lithuania and Panama and the new Indian High Commissioner presented their credentials to President Maithripala Sirisena at the President’s House today (January 24).

Those who presented credentials were Ambassador of Mongolia, Gonchig Gangbold, Ambassador of Lithuania, Laimonas Talat-Kelpso, Ambassador of Panama, Sorvio Saul Sanudio Bethancourt and High Commissioner for India, Taranjith Singh Sandhu.

Ambassador Laimonas Talat-Kelpša presents his credentials to the President of Sri Lanka

The Lithuanian Ambassador, His Excellency Laimonas Talat-Kelpša presented credentials to the President of Sri Lanka His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena today at the Presidential Palace, Colombo. The Ambassador also met with top government officials to discuss the strengthening of political, economic, diplomatic, social and cultural ties between Lithuania and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka and Lithuania established diplomatic relations in 1996.

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